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Jun 12, 2021

Eight years of world building, character development, and a crazy mythology have all come down to the final two episodes of S8, and Jon Bokenkamp is here to tell you all about it.  

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Jon Bokenkamp

Case Profile for Jon Bokenkamp

Over the last eight years, we here at The Blacklist...

Jun 6, 2021

Godwin Page is one of Townsend's right hands. But because the FBI has seen his face Townsend sends Godwin away, but not before Red captures him in his latest attempt to take down Townsend. 

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Godwin Informs Townsend of Liz's Plan

Case Profile for Godwin Page

Red, Liz, and Dembe are pinned down at. "The...

May 30, 2021

Balthazar Bino Baker owns the 7th ward where Ressler and Liz are trapped on foot fleeing from Townsend's men.

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Liz helps Ressler escape

Case Profile for Balthazar Bino Baker

Elizabeth and Ressler are being escorted back to the FBI much to the despair of Reddington.  Even though an...

May 23, 2021

The Protean is a shapeshifter, an assassin who steals the identity of the recently deceased in order to take out his marks. Townsend has hired him to take out Liz and everyone close to her.

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Liz sits in a car behind The Protean

Case Profile for The Protean

The Protean uses the recently deceased's...

May 16, 2021

Red's oldest and dearest friend from the east has been captured by Townsend. If he talks, it could literally cost Liz her life.  

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Ivan Stepanov sits in a chair with an electric shock collar around his neck.

Case Profile for Ivan Stepanov

The search is on for Red’s oldest friend Ivan Stepanov.  Townsend has him in custody torturing him...