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Jul 29, 2023

Ten years. Over 200 episodes. Great fans. Amazing friendships. It all comes down to this episode where we finally thank our moms (yes we forgot to do it on stage)! Also, we owe it all to a great TV Mom of our time for taking out bad guys, evil corporations, corrupt governments and entertaining us for over a...

Jul 14, 2023

We have finally come to the end of the road for Raymond Reddington and Task Force 836! It has been a long decade of catching criminals, guessing at Raymond's Identity but in the end does any of it matter if you were just trying to live the best life you possibly could? 

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Jul 8, 2023

Arthur Hudson finally has his smoking guy and taskforce 836 is about to be put to, well, task.  Hudson and team call a meeting with the Attorney General which leads to a summons for Cooper and Panabaker.  What happens next is what is a shock to many especially airplane pilots around the world! 

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Jul 1, 2023

There is no rest for the wicked especially when the wicked is Red. He assembles the league of wannabe FBI peeps and Ressler to inform Cooper and the team that a top secret report is about to be stolen and if successful, will put the entire world on the brink of Nuclear War. 

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Jun 24, 2023

Two warring families are being targeted by an assassin that is able to use your allergies against you. As the next generation of the families work with red to get to the bottom of the attack, Red works with the task force to find out what is really going on so he can make Agnes's recital in time.

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