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Jan 22, 2022

We relive the events of the past two years yet again but this time from Dembe's perspective. 

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Dembe looks worried

Case Profile for Boukman Baptiste

We return to the scene of Liz's death one more time as we see what happened right after Red and Dembe escaped Ressler's pursuit, Red...

Jan 15, 2022

Athletes are being taken out because they pose a threat to a sports betting syndicate. Or is it something more? 

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Mierce ponders leaving Red

Case Profile for Dr. Razmik Maier

Stella Wong, A reporter believes Sam Rhodes a tennis player is being doped, with something that doesn’t pop a drug...

Jan 8, 2022

Ressler relives the past two years of his life as he retells it from the gravesite of Elizabeth Keen. Yes Elizabeth Keen is dead. 

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Ressler questions his purpose.

Case Profile for Between Sleep and Awake

From the gravesite of Elizabeth Keen on the second anniversary of her death, Ressler retells...

Dec 11, 2021

If you got a problem psychiatrist Dr. Roberta Sand can solve it. She can also convince you that killing someone is perfectly ok

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Dr. Roberta Sand is questioned

Case Profile for Dr. Roberta Sand Ph.D.

Dr. Roberta Sand is a psychiatrist that has been acquired and put on retainer by a the Diconio...

Nov 20, 2021

A scientist makes a device that is a glorified dog whistle that can melt your brain and cause seizures. He also now wants to destroy it.

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Dembe sits with the box from Red

Case Profile for Benjamin T Okara

Benjamin T Okara was a brilliant scientist like many before that looked to bring something...