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Jun 24, 2023

Two warring families are being targeted by an assassin that is able to use your allergies against you. As the next generation of the families work with red to get to the bottom of the attack, Red works with the task force to find out what is really going on so he can make Agnes's recital in time.

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The killer behind hiring wormwood is shown.

Case Profile for Wormwood 

No one ever gets tired of a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, especially Red who has always thought the greatest villain or enemy is love.  Red attends a meeting of two families who have been at war for decades in order to finally broker a peace between them as a new generation looks to take over.  Suddenly the heads of the family all start dropping dead from what appears to be poison in their drinks but turns out to be a toxin delivered via the china they ate off of that targets a persons allergies and makes them super sensitive.  Wormwood is the guy behind this toxin and he supplied it to one of the daughters of Family A, who wanted to take down the patriarchy so the war could end so she could be with her lover in Family B. 

Meanwhile Hudson finally brings Jonathan, Ressler's AA pal into his office to convince Jonathan to dig up intel on Ressler and the task force.  Jonathan is reluctant at first but is able to get enough information out of Ressler to confirm what Hudson has been saying, that Liz Keen and the task force have been influenced by Reddington.  That doesn't matter to Red though, nor does the toxin matter as he risks becoming infected in order to make the dance recital and see Agnes perform, yet again, swan lake.    

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Music For Wormwood

Still no real music this week except for the except from swan lake during Agnes's recital. 

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Wormwood in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Wormwood

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