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Nov 21, 2015

All roads have come together and we have finally arrived at The Blacklist Fall Finale! With Red missing, Liz is forced to go undercover in an effort to save her mentor, or die trying. Join Troy and Aaron as they break down every aspect of the last episode for 2015 in this edition of The Blacklist Exposed! Read...

Nov 14, 2015

Samar takes front-and-center on this week's Blacklist, as Navabi and Ressler hunt down an elusive terrorist known only as Zal Bin Hasaan. What connections does Samar have with this madman? How can Red help bring him in? What is Tom going to do with Karakurt? Most importantly, WHY DOES RESSLER HATE GARDEN GNOMES?!

Nov 7, 2015

Death is a process, and Sir Crispin Crandall is looking to avoid it through cryogenics. Will it give Red and Liz a chill or will their plan succeed. The Director wants to know what Ressler knows and he will stop at nothing to figure out why Red wants to get to Sir Crispin. We take to the skies this week as the team...

Nov 1, 2015

Has Liz been shot? Is Dembe dead? Is Tom a townie? All of these questions and more are answered this week as Troy and Aaron take The Cabal head on in a race against time to save Liz from the dreaded Wendigo, a mysterious assassin...with many secrets at play. Listen to this latest episode as we break down every theory in...