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Jun 24, 2023

Two warring families are being targeted by an assassin that is able to use your allergies against you. As the next generation of the families work with red to get to the bottom of the attack, Red works with the task force to find out what is really going on so he can make Agnes's recital in time.

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Jun 10, 2023

Red continues his crazy ways by giving up one of the biggest fish to date to the task force in the Morgana Logistics Corporation. A network of real and fake companies that move goods and services all over the world. An organization so well run, you may even think Red was the head of the entire thing?

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Jun 3, 2023

Not one, not two but THREE episodes are covered this week on The Blacklist Exposed as the show makes its final move of the series to Thursday nights in the states. It's a trifecta cast of epic proportions as we break down the last of the stand alone eps and the first of what looks to be our end game with...