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Jul 8, 2023

Arthur Hudson finally has his smoking guy and taskforce 836 is about to be put to, well, task.  Hudson and team call a meeting with the Attorney General which leads to a summons for Cooper and Panabaker.  What happens next is what is a shock to many especially airplane pilots around the world! 

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Arthur Hudson looking puzzled as always.

Case Profile for Arthur Hudson

What does ice cream, a hacked meeting at the capitol, and an exploding plane have in common?  If you guessed Raymond Red Reddington you would be correct.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg this week as taskforce 836 is now under the purview of the AG and is being broken down piece by piece, agent by agent, file by file, screen by screen.  It is finally time to say goodbye to the post office once and for all.   Granted Red doesn't help matters when we goes off on the AG, and at the same time Cooper basically tells the AG flat out I did good work, I stand by it and I quit.     

 But it comes I am sure as no surprise to long time fans and watchers of this show that the AG doesn't give a crap about all this.  He only cares that his noes is clean. So he gives Cooper the ultimatum that we all feared.  Catch Raymond Reddington once and for all, or the whole team gets the book thrown at them.  Catching Red however will be harder than it looks as he fakes his own death in an airplane explosion, (did you really think he died?), only to be saved by Weecha and his pilot EDWARD? Yes Andrew McCarthy gets a cameo this week on the show.   Red pays one last visit to Cooper and leaves him with the parting words catch me... if you can.  

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Music For Arthur Hudson

Two songs this week on the show.  One a classic Hewy Lewis song as Edward stands waiting for Red to pick him up. The other at the end of the episode as Ressler leans over Jonathan's overdosed body.    

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

Arthur Hudson in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Arthur Hudson

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