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Feb 26, 2022

Criminals love to talk, especially to each other. And now they can do it without getting caught thanks to Arcane Wireless.  

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Heddie bonds with Red

Case Profile for Arcane Wireless

This week we are focusing on a baddie known as the See-er, a crafty business opportunist that peddles cell phones to bad guys. Not just any cellphones and not even the latest iPhone or Pixel.  No these run on the Arcane Wireless network, a network so impenetrable, so untraceable criminals for years have been using it to get away with all sorts of things. The latest criminal showing interest is human trafficking crime lord Odin Interdonato with operations all over the world.  After a few demonstrations of the tech by the See-er, Interdonato decides to use the phones exclusively. 

Meanwhile Aram runs into an old mentor FJ Powell who we come to find out is applying for Aram’s old job at Grey Lock. This causes a little bit of jealousy on Aram’s part and he does some digging to find that FJ is hiding if not helping Arcane Wireless.  Upon confronting him however we find out that the FBI are the ones behind Arcane Wireless but not in enough time because Ressler and Dembe to take out the See-er and blow up a years long operation.  Even bigger though is that the phones were inside Red’s network which is how Heddie was busted at the dock for trafficking pirated soybeans.  Thankfully Heddie survives a test from Red and she is sprung from prison.  

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Music For Arcane Wireless

When we start the episode with Heddie and her soybean operation we hear "(Open up the door) Let the good times in" by Dean Martin.  At the end of the episode as Aram places the reference call for FJ and Red and Heddie share a moment we hear "Line of Fire" by José Gonzáles

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Arcane Wireless in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Arcane Wireless

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