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Jan 24, 2021

A few wires, a radio transmission device, 16 ounces of semtex and one finger is all it takes to finally take down Reddington, or is it? 

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16 Ounces

Case Profile for 16 Ounces

A pound of flesh, and eye for an eye, Revenge isn’t a passion as Reddington once said, it is a disease and right now Liz is the one who is sick.  In this week’s non numbered Episode "16 Ounces", we pick up right after the death of the woman claiming to be Katarina Rostova. Except the crime scene is clean and Red and Liz are nowhere to be found.  Liz begins her revenge quest by turning in her badge and then systematically saying goodbye to each member of the task force while at the same time using them for her personal gain.  She is able to steal 16 ounces of semtex to build a bomb to kill Reddington once and for all for taking her “mother” away.  

Liz’s PI is now in deep with Liz since she was the one that planted the bomb that ultimately failed.  That failure, that revenge disease almost cost Liz the one person she holds most dear, and certainly destroyed any friendship she may have with Aram in the future. Thankfully Cooper and Reddington, Liz’s two father figures in her life, still want to save her from this dark path by making her the top of The Blacklist.  How will things pan out? Tune in next week. 

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16 Ounces in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

16 Ounces scenes

Liz's Lectures

Welcome to Liz’s Lectures that part of the show where we relive some of those arguments or threats from Liz that may or may not turn into greater storylines in the future.   Then each week you can vote for your favorite here.

This week our first story comes when Liz confronts Cooper. Our second comes when Liz confronts Red.  Which was your favorite? If you want to finally take care of things yourself vote #LizMan or if you have what it takes to finish the job vote #LizDrive.

The Music for 16 Ounces

Dave’s backing tracks were the big focus this week and then we get to revisit “Martha’s Dream” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis from The Proposition Soundtrack once again as Liz and Red confront each other outside Dom's house.  

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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