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Mar 17, 2019

The Corsican himself one Bastien Moreau returns and has been hired to take out two targets by a member of the DOJ, Anna McMahon. The task force needs to track down Moreau in order to get a stay of execution for Red who is now on death row.

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Bastien Moreau

Case Profile for #20 Bastien Moreau

The Corsican aka Bastien Moreau is back and he has been hired for a hit on two people by the mysterious red head now known as Anna McMahon. She works in the DOJ so I am sure at some point she will end up being Coopers boss, and she is shady. The task force sets up an epic team heist to steal an encrypted key-fob from the president of a bank that houses cash for criminals. The heist almost goes down the toilet but they are able to pull it off in the end. Turns out the man in Cairo was just a routing point to get the actual money to Jonas Kruger. Kruger gives Bastien Moreau some security schematics and schedules as well as his ID. In doing so Jonas betrays his country of Germany by helping to advance an assassination attempt on the president of Germany’s federal intelligence service Ava Ziegler.

Elsewhere in what is the fastest legal system maneuvering seen on TV, Red is on death row enjoying conversations with his friend Harold, he’s just the best isn’t he. Red reminisces about his mom while sharing his last meal with Liz, cabbage soup and dressed herring, before being strapped into the chair seconds away from his execution injection.

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Bastien Moreau In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Bastien Moreau

The Music of Bastien Moreau

As Red examines the chamber on his initial walkthrough of the execution chamber we hear “Not Broken” from Skye. Then as Red walks from his cell to the execution chamber and is strapped down we hear “Farewell” by UNKLE.

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