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Jul 14, 2023

We have finally come to the end of the road for Raymond Reddington and Task Force 836! It has been a long decade of catching criminals, guessing at Raymond's Identity but in the end does any of it matter if you were just trying to live the best life you possibly could? 

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Red walks in a field contemplating life and death, mostly death.

Case Profile for Raymond Reddington

Hour 1 of the finale sees up playing the catch me if you can cat and mouse we expected coming out of last week's episode. Red is trying to flee the city but boat, by plane, by fire truck.  Yes Red does it once again and burns down yet another house so that he can jump a fire truck and get past the blockade setup by Hudson and Nixon.  He manages to make his way to a boat which he sinks in favor of a smaller boat to get him to Weecha, who then gets him to a plane for his trip to Spain.  Along the way Red also pays a visit to Paula Glenn's mom and picks up the skull of Islero the bull from the bath house.  Dembe gets arrested for tipping off Red at the airfield and in transport Red saves the day but not before Hudson shoots Dembe in the neck and Red shoots Hudson in the head.   

 Don't worry Dembe is fine in hour two, however he is fired from the FBI but no charges will be pressed against him.  Red now in Spain is tailed by Ressler thanks to quick thinking on Siya's part. Thank god she spent a whole two episodes with him to notice Islero the Bull skull missing from the bath house.  Red is clearly sick after transfusing blood to Dembe and his illness has returned.  He makes a call to Agnes to check on her to which Agnes says to red, "You're are such a mom!" Re replies, "I guess I can't help it." Confirmation once again that Red is Katarina.  Red then walks the countryside as he contemplates death, Ressler gets closer, but a bull much like Islero gets even closer first and kills Red. Ressler lands in the field to find Reddington's mangled body and he places Red's hat on his chest.  

Music For Raymond Reddington

A laundry list of music for you this week on the series finale. First we hear "Pendulum" from Pearl Jam - toward the end of hour 1  as dembe is transported for questioning after his arrest. Then as the shootout goes down we hear "Stay Alive" by Jose Gonzalez. When Red is sleeping in Spain there is a great track that we were not able to catch. "Familiar" by Nils Frahm plays while Reddington is walking to the market for some melons. When Dembe gives his final speech about what Reddington means to him as Reddington walks the countryside we hear "Knocking on Heavens Door" by RAIGN. Later, as he series moves into the final minutes, we see Red walking by a tree and climing a stone wall to the tune of "Tree" by TMBM. And at the very end we get "A Mi Manera (My Way)" by the Gipsy Kings as the camera pans aways and we cut to black on The Blacklist. 

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Raymond Reddington in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Raymond Reddington

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