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Winner of the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Award for TV and Film, The Blacklist Exposed is a discussion about the world of Raymond "Red" Reddington and all his criminal exploits on Sony Picture Television's hit show, The Blacklist. With weekly episode profiles, in season interviews from Megan Boone and the cast, as well as discussions with the crew and creator Jon Bokenkamp himself, Troy and Aaron make this the one place for post show theories and analysis including thoughts from YOU! What are you waiting for? Subscribe in your favorite podcast player today before you end up on The Blacklist!

Meet Aaron

Aaron Peterson
A film critic for over a decade, Aaron has long enjoyed discussing film & television of any genre with fellow fans. In 2010, Aaron decided to venture into the world of podcasting and has been sucked into its vortex ever since. He formed The Hollywood Outsider podcast, which for several years has discussed varying film and TV topics on a weekly basis. He also was the host of the popular 24 Live Another Podcast, as well as a featured host of TV Talk’s Sleepy Hollow. In his new venture Aaron also produces SMIRK ;) a podcast that takes a submitted story and then the hosts discuss what the moral of it is.  Aaron is a married father of 2 amazing children, as well as an avid football and backpacking fan. You can follow Aaron and all his crazy theories on Twitter via @aaronsmirks

Meet Troy

Troy Heinritz
Hailing from the midwest, Troy is a lover of Sci-Fi, Bad Robot enthusiast, Trekkie, and overall TV Junkie. Troy once had three TIVOs to allow him to record 6 shows at once! Troy began his TV podcasting journey with the Under the Dome Radio podcast. In 2013 Troy hosted TV Talk The Blacklist and TV Talk Revenge, on the TV Talk Network. He really loves androids and robots so it should come as no surprise that he is one of the hosts bringing you all the details from Beyond Westworld this season. He is also known around the world for his exploits on The Blacklist. Troy is a married father of 2 amazing children, as well as an avid football and video game fan. You can follow Troy and all his crazy theories on Twitter via @troyheinritz