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Jan 19, 2019

An elderly couple helps criminals trade goods for cash. You can get your goods back in 30 days, if you pay with interest. Otherwise you pay with your life. Meanwhile Red makes friends and enemies in jail including a new pet.

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Case Profile for #146-#147 The...

Jan 12, 2019

The Pharmacist is treating patients of MCDD with an unapproved drug. After some of them turn up dead Red and friends need to find out what is really going on, all while Red is on trial for his crimes against the country.

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Case Profile for #124 The Pharmacist


Jan 5, 2019

Red needs to find Dr. Koehler to protect Red's identity, but The Corsican finds him first. For Red, this is only a minor issue in the season six premiere. Turns out Red is busted by NYPD and is going to jail. Now he tasks Liz to finding the rat that sold him out.

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