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Apr 30, 2022

Reddington pays a visit to Maureen Nemec, Kaplan's sister to find a connection that may prove Mr. Kaplan is alive. Meanwhile Marko Jankowichs son Laszlo has taken over the drug business which is now a roaring success.     

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Case Profile for Laszlo Jankowichs

Laszlo Jankowichs is the son of one Marko Jankowichs (Season 6 Episode 9) and in the wake of Marko's demise Laszlo has taken over the family business.  He now works in the psychedelic drug space and has found a way to make LSD into a breath spray.  Only issue is, he has used his own product so much this blacklister is seeing lions... literally. Turns out that his cleaner is one Clara Moore who just so happened to have studied closely under one Mr. Kaplan.  

Red looks to seek out Calra both through Laszlo and Kaplan's sister Maureen (The Harem Season 4 Episode 11) and finds out that Kaplan and Clara were supposed to meet.  Red takes Cooper Chuck and Weecha to the location to find someone there that looks very much like Mr. Kaplan but the results turn out explosive.  

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Music For Laszlo Jankowichs

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Laszlo Jankowichs in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Laszlo Jankowichs

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