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Mar 5, 2022

Decorated military and intelligence officers around the world have started up a private assassin for hire club called The Conglomerate and Park has a connection to the group.  

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Park - Assassin Park

Case Profile for The Conglomerate

This week we get the what happened to Agent Park in the two years after Liz's death story where we learn that her violent tendencies never did disappear even though her guardian angel in Liz was trying to help her back to the straight and narrow.  Turns out she was approached by one John Richter to join an organization known as The Conglomerate, former heroes in their own right now turn private assassins for hire.  John wants Park's killer instinct to be part of the organization and has her execute 4 tasks over the two year span to get an audience to become a full member.  

Meanwhile Red and Dembe team back up to search the former apartment of Van Dyke to find a computer that once Aram decrypts it shows that the tracking points from Van Dyke's cell do not align with a mysterious new signal, one that was a tracking device apparently implanted inside Liz, as the last known transmission came from her grave.  We also get 100% confirmation this episode that Liz Keen is dead and buried apparently with a tracking device in the ground.  

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Music For The Conglomerate

No new songs were presented this week on the show.

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The Conglomerate in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from The Conglomerate

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