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Jan 22, 2022

We relive the events of the past two years yet again but this time from Dembe's perspective. 

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Dembe looks worried

Case Profile for Boukman Baptiste

We return to the scene of Liz's death one more time as we see what happened right after Red and Dembe escaped Ressler's pursuit, Red left.  Abandonded Dembe, the Blacklist, the operations all of it. The one man that was left was the one behind the curtain and he now with Marvin Gerard's help had to run the show.  Turns out being the leader is harder than you think as Dembe acts on some intel to take out Boukman Baptiste but the intel neglected to say that Baptiste's son was in the car with him.  Now he wants revenge against Dembe.

Fast forward to the present where Red's key players at the ports he controls on the eastern seabord of the states are being taken out by none other than, yep Boukman Baptiste, but not to get at Red. He wants to draw out Dembe. Dembe confrents him and then Boukman gets away.  Later Dembe's daughter is taken hostage and Dembe must decide to give up Red's secrets to save his daughter's life.  

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Music For Boukman Baptiste

No music tracks this week on the show. 

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

Boukman Baptiste in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Boukman Baptiste

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