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Sep 19, 2020


Did you miss us?  Since this is the week that we would normally be coming back in a non-covid world Aaron and I thought we would do something fun for all of you.   Believe it or not Aaron and I do other podcasts.  Shocked you are I know! But one that we are really proud of, because we hope one day someone calls us for our ideas, is Remake This Movie Right!  

The concept of Remake This Movie Right! was born out of Hollywood's obsession to remake every freaking movie from Aaron's and my childhood and completely RUIN it. We got the braintrust together to tell Hollywood how these movies SHOULD BE remade for a modern audience, literally how to Remake These Movies Right! 

From Short Circuit, to Stand by Me, to Gremlins and The Princess Bride, no movie was safe in our production of this podcast, not even Star Wars! (Audible Gasp Emoji).  Now that the 35th anniversary of one of the most beloved films of all time is upon us we took up the charge to attempt to remake The Goonies.  

Sit back and relax and enjoy what Aaron and I do best, break down entertainment in a fun way while making fun of me and hearing Aaron come up with ideas that he thinks makes sense.  If you love this and want to hear more just subscribe to Remake This Movie Right! in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and now Amazon Music. Or just go to the website and all the links and info are there if you forget! 

Remember Goonies never say die, much like Aaron and I.