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Jan 14, 2017

Liz and Tom settle into their new apartment but not before The Forecaster shows up to disrupt their move in day. Dioramas predicting future deaths lead Agent Keen, yes you heard that right, and the team to little girl named Maggie. She's nine. Maggie is the one responsible for predicting the future murders but not in a sci-fi great spirit sort of way. Aram, out in the field, determines that people close buy are committing the crimes and Maggie's hearing aid is picking up their chatter. Meanwhile Red is out for revenge for a dear friends death as he seeks to free (or take over) some cobalt mines in Africa. After removing Iniko from the equation, Red hires a new cleanup crew to replace Mr. Kaplan much to the displeasure of one Dembe Zuma. Read More...

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