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Jul 5, 2021

Elvis or Jon Bokenkamp in this case has left the building. But before he goes we have one last parting message for the creator of The Blacklist. 

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Jon Bokenkamp

Goodbye For Now

Over eight seasons, Jon Bokenkamp has helped steer a large ship from idea conception, to pitch, to sale, to actually putting pen to paper. Jon has been an avid supporter of the podcast, of the fan community at large, but most importantly our friend. We used this 120 minutes to look back on some of the highlights of our interviews with him, share a few of the moments you may not have known about, and show how he has been straight with the audience since day 1 of the aired program. We will miss him on the show, but he will forever be a part of it, this podcast, and our lives. Thanks for everything Jon!

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