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May 23, 2021

The Protean is a shapeshifter, an assassin who steals the identity of the recently deceased in order to take out his marks. Townsend has hired him to take out Liz and everyone close to her.

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Liz sits in a car behind The Protean

Case Profile for The Protean

The Protean uses the recently deceased's identities to mask himself as an assassin for hire.  Townsend, now armed with knowledge that has put Liz's life in jeopardy, hires The Protean to take out Liz and her entourage.  When her team is taken out Liz turns to the Task force to help her stay one sep ahead of her potential killer

Meanwhile, Red is trying to find out who The Protean is by enlisting the help of Glen's mother Paula and her ties to the phone company.  Where a list of numbers matching the description of the Protean is helpful, Paula earns her pay this week by enlisting a group of Bingo players to call the numbers and find the recently deceased person who's identity was stolen.  

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The Protean in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from #36 The Protean

Paula's Prose

Welcome to Paula's Prose that part of the show where we feature two great scenes from Paula herself that part words of wisdom. Then each week you can vote for your favorite here.

Our first clip comes when Paula talks to Red about some altacockers. Our second comes when Paula rallies the troops to Father Steve’s plight. Which was your favorite? If you prefer a modified version of calling numbers vote #PaulaBingo.  Or if you want to help poor father steve vote #PaulaDeacon

The Music for The Protean

As Liz thanks skip and the protean is about to attack we hear “Summer Breeze” by the Isley Brothers. As Red hands out sandwiches at the bingo hall we hear “Uncle Ray’s Polka'' by James Kalamasz and Julien Desabrais. Finally as the episode concludes we hear “I’d Love to Change the World” by Ten Years After.  Which sounded like either the 2004 or 2017 remastered version, definitely wasn’t he original.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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