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May 16, 2021

Red's oldest and dearest friend from the east has been captured by Townsend. If he talks, it could literally cost Liz her life.  

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Ivan Stepanov sits in a chair with an electric shock collar around his neck.

Case Profile for Ivan Stepanov

The search is on for Red’s oldest friend Ivan Stepanov.  Townsend has him in custody torturing him through electric shocks to keep him awake in order to induce a hypnotic state of truism. Townsend keeps him off site from his Park Avenue penthouse where Pria is still on the case to try and assassinate Townsend.  The FBI figure out that Ressler’s phone is tapped and as a result invade Townsend’s “compound” but not before Townsend, Liz, and Pria all drive to Ivan’s location.  

While at the secret warehouse, Ivan sees Masha for the first time in 35 years and then proceeds to put a target on her back by revealing the big secret not to us, oh no, only to Townsend through those famous Blacklist close whispers. Townsend, now after Liz, tries to capture both Red and her alive, but Red has other plans as Red and Ivan escape with Dembe as Liz goes her own way on foot.  In the end Red fixes up Ivan and he escapes before Cooper and the team can question him.

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Ivan Stepanov in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from #5 Ivan Stepanov

The Music for Ivan Stepanov

As Ivan recognizes Masha for the first time during the integration we hear “Season of the Witch” by Donovan. Later as Townsend looks to move Liz and Red arrives on the scene we hear the electronic drive of “Moment” by Holy Fuck. Finally to close out the episode as Reddington and Stepanov talk in the medical tent we hear “The End” by Kings of Leon.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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