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Nov 22, 2020

The battle between Red and the woman Liz thinks is her mother finally comes to a head as the identity of N-13 is revealed. 

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Katarina Rostova

Case Profile for Katarina Rostova

Liz wants answers from her grandpappy and sadly he is not giving Liz or that woman claiming to be Katarina Rostova any satisfaction.  In fact Dom is willing to die to protect the secrets he has.  That is until he has a seizure and then starts hallucinating visions of his daughter Katarina played by Lotte Verbeek this week.  Turns out according to Dom that Katarina stole the Sikorski archive and now Red has it, but so does Katarina. Confused just you wait. 

The task force is on the hunt to find Liz and her "mother" but Red gets the head start via a tracker placed on Ressler via Dembe. Red essentially kidnaps Liz and has Dembe hold her until this last part is done, killing a man named Heidiger to draw out blonde Katarina and end the conflict once and for all.  Except, that conflict ends directly in front of Liz who will never be able to forgive Red.

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Katarina Rostova in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Katarina Rostova scenes

Katarina's CONversations

Welcome to a new segment we call Katarina's CONversations that part of the show where we relive some of our favorite Katarina moments from this week's episode. Then you can vote for your favorite here.

This week our first clip is the convo between Dom and his sort of daughter. The second is the fateful ending to the Red and Kat relationship. Which was your favorite?  If you truly felt you saw real Kat one final time vote #KatDaughter. Or if you despise the fact that Liz has truly picked Kat’s side vote #KatMother.

The Music for Katarina Rostova

A masterful stroke as always by John Bissel and Dave Porter both this week.   Dave’s backing tracks were on point and the pull of “Martha’s Dream” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis from The Proposition Sondtrack was perfect to close out the show.  The dramatic pause for the gun sots, simply the best!

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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