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Oct 9, 2020

Clark Middleton better knows as Glen to Blacklist fans everywhere passed away October 4, 2020.  We pay tribute to Clark and his time on the show, and on this planet.  Plus we revisit Clark's final Blacklist episode. 

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Clark Middleton Watch Party

Watch Party for #144 Newton Purcell

Leading up to the return of The Blacklist November 13th on NBC here in the states we want to relive some of the best episodes of Season 7 by sharing with you our LIVE watch parties we did during the 2020 pandemic.   These episodes are designed to be listened to while you watch The Blacklist on Netflix or your service of choice.  In this episode we revisit episode 713 #144 Newton Purcell written by Noah Schechter and staring Clark Middleton in the best Glen episode you will ever see. So sit back queue up this episode and enjoy the final episode for Clark Middleton on The Blacklist.  

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