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Mar 28, 2020

An art forger, the butler, and one of Red's old flames take center stage as the Blacklist returns for a two part season premiere full of twists, turns and a good old fashioned game of Clue.

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Red & Dembe on Horseback

Case Profile for Mid Season 7 Premiere

In the first hour a copy cat art thief, Victoria Fenberg, is not only making counterfeit art items to profit from the originals, she actually is stealing from her own families personal collection to help her accomplice fund a lawsuit against her father’s pharmaceutical company. This episode is just the setup to the real plot at hand which is the second hour where Red and 5 of his closest criminal friends made a deal to each hold onto one of 6 gold caskets that apart are a jewel of their own, but together are worth a fortune.

The second hour turns into a game of Clue as one of the six dies unexpectedly followed by another and then another. Turns out on the smallest of the 6 caskets contains a micro dot that is a list of Turkish assets working in the American government. The Turks want it back and hire Cornelius Ruck to play "The Butler” Arthur Rodman in this game of who done it. In the end Red gets the best of them all and splits the sale of the caskets with Casandra, an old flame he left behind long ago, similar to Madeline Pratt, because he had to intervene in Elizabeth’s life.

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Mid Season 7 Premiere in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Mid Season 7 Premiere

Red's Rhetoric for Mid Season 7 Premiere

Welcome to Red's Rhetoric that part of the show where we feature two great scenes from Red himself then you get to vote for your favorite in our online poll. Our first clip comes from the first hour when Red and Liz talk about desire for things to be real. Our second clip comes from the second hour when Red shares information about building microscopes. Which was your favorite? If you are convinced that Red’s statement to Liz was the truth vote #RedReal. If you can finally see things in focus vote #RedLens.

The Music for the Mid Season 7 Premiere

As Vataras makes a distraction for Victoria to steal the Hoekstra piece of art we hear “Starts Right Here” from Battle Tapes & Valerie Broussard. In the second hour during the open we hear “Ancient Aviator” by Serpent Power as Red arrives at the mysterious island in the Baltic Sea. Later as the Turks and Cornelius do battle with Casandra and Red we are treated to “Killing Strangers” by Marilyn Manson.

You can hear this song via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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