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Apr 27, 2019

Red and Dembe have a falling out, Liz tells Red about turning him in, and Dom tells Liz "THE STORY" of who Red IS! The question is, do we the audience believe it?

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Case Profile The Brockton College Killer & Rassvet

Hour one of this two part event treats us to The Brockton College Killer, a serial killer who stalks coeds. A man, Tobias Carlysle is on trial for his life, accused of the murders. A podcast, THAW, has been advocating for him on his behalf since he was arrested. Kimberly Owens is the host, and when another girl goes missing, Tobias is less likely a suspect. A professor is a major suspect since he has been accused of illicit affairs, but we learn, after Tobias is exonerated, and Kimberly and Tobias bump uglies, that it was Kimberly THE WHOLE TIME!

Meanwhile Liz and Dembe play some rochambeau to see who will tell Red the truth about how turned him in. Liz draws the short straw and Red seeks counsel from Katarina's father Dom. Dom explains he did what he did for Katarina out of Love.  In the end Red decides love and friendship are more important  with Dembe, except Dembe has a different plan. 

In hour two Ressler comes clean to Liz about his quest for Katarina which leads Liz to Dom, her grandfather.  Dom and Liz catch up as he tells Liz the tale of the craziest but bold plan ever.  A tale about a friend of the family Ilya Koslov and how he allowed Katarina, who did survive Cape May, to remain dead all these years. It is an origin story of epic proportions, IF you can believe the old KGB operative.  

Be sure to answer our profiling question of the week: What happened to Katarina after "Reddington" re-emerged? Visit our feedback page to leave a response or call +1 (304) 837-2278.

The Brockton College Killer & Rassvet In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.


Red's Rhetoric for The Brockton College Killer & Rassvet

Welcome to Red’s Rhetoric that part of the show where we feature two great scenes from Red himself then you get to vote for your favorite in our online poll. First this week Red seeks advice from Dom.   Second Red and Dembe exchange words Which was your favorite this week?  If you would do anything, including give up your daughter vote #REDLove Or if some bridges are too far to cross vote #REDForgive.

The Music of The Brockton College Killer & Rassvet

Jenny is about to become a popsicle thanks to a Killer Podcaster and some tunes from Ethan Burns with his song “King of Secrets”  Later in hour one as our jealous girl gets carted away by the cops we hear “Love Doesn’t Last To Long” from The Weepies. Hour Two treats us to some classic INXS with the smash hit “Never Tear Us Apart” question though. Is this an anthem for Katarina and Koslov, or Katarina and Masha? Then we close up the episode with Red questioning Dom to “Catastrophe Anthem” by Clark.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

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