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May 23, 2023

Siya is on babysitting duty this week to try and pry a case out of Red. Turns out she wants to know more about Agent Meera Malik and her past.  Red leverages an old stamp to lure out information that may just get Siya the answers she is looking for.

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Red shows off a collectible stamp

Case Profile for The Sicilian Error of Color

Arthur Hudson is still digging around to find out what the task force is about and it looks like he may have a new ally.  Senator Clayton Dorf likes tenacity and tactics just as much as he loves his Korean Barbecue.  The two agree to team up and our countdown to an Arthur Hudson showdown is on.  Speaking of showdowns, Red seems to be having a showdown of his own with either death or retirement as he offloads some of his most prize possessions this week including one stamp, The Sicilian Error of Color.  
This stamp has been sought after by one Kathleen Sutton, the widow of former officer Nigel Sutton, who just so happened to be partnered up with deceased CIA agent Meera Malik and Siya's mother.  Regardless of biological status Siya still wants to learn more about her mother so she teams up with Red on Herbie's advice to dig more into the past, which allows Red to wax poetical this week about his down, as he contemplates his life, those lost, and the mark he wants to leave on his legacy.  

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Music For The Sicilian Error of Color

We start the show with Mira and Nigel waiting for a prisoner exchange as “Roads” from Portishead plays. “Black Steel” by Tricky plays as Meera steals cash from the CIA storage facility. Later, as Nigel dies and Kathleen shows Red a picture of him, “My Cell” by the Lumineers is heard. Finally “Lucky Man” by the Verve closes the episode as Siya gets the check from Nigel’s widow Kathleen Sutton. 

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The Sicilian Error of Color in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from The Sicilian Error of Color

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