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May 16, 2023

Agnes is under the weather this week so Pinky pays her a visit with some movies and ice cream. While meeting with Agnes, Red receives a call from Dembe asking for his help to get Dr. Michael Abani out of custody in Yemen because Dembe needs a favor from an old friend, specifically the mother of Dembe's kid.

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The Postman waits to execute his plan

Case Profile for Dr. Michael Abani

We dig into a little backstory this week on one of our favorite characters, Dembe.  Many moons ago, Dembe was a young up and coming university student who had a love of fine wine and fine women, mostly the women since he did not not drink.  He also had a knack for being a criminal as he helped support his friend Raymond who had rescued him as a younger child. One day as Dembe is delivering a pack to a handoff, he meets the love of his life Aissa. One night Dembe frantically requests Aissa to leave with him and she let's Dembe know that she can't and is going to the states, but Dembe can't leave Raymond either and they part ways.  Years later Dembe returns only to find out that Aissa had a daughter, Isabella. Yep Dembe... you are the father. 
Fast forward to today and Aissa is now preparing to web Dr. Michael Abani, but it turns up Abani was smuggling money and weapons to the rebels against the country of Yemen.  He is taken prisoner and Aissa realizes she can only turn to one person to save her fiancé.  Dembe.  Dembe then contants Red to see what he is able to do.  During the events they find out his partner John was the one doing the dirty work, setting up an account in Abani's name.  Red has a chat with the leaders of Yemen, turns over John, frees Abani, and gets a side deal in the process.  Dembe gets one last look at his long lost love as he begins to amend things with Red.   

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Music For Dr. Michael Abani

At the end of the episode as Dembe helps close the suitcase and Pops talks to Agnes we hear “Bless Me” by Moses Sumny.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music

Dr. Michael Abani in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from Dr. Michael Abani

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