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Apr 4, 2021

Our friend in the east distracts Red and Dembe so Rakitin can kidnap and kill Cooper.  Unfortunately for Rakitin, Red has other plans. 

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Aram brings drugs to the office.

Case Profile for Rakitin

Red is sent overseas to deal with our friend in the east, but it’s just a ruse so that Rakitin can get to Harold; Torture him, kill him, and make it look like a suicide. He uses a congressman to lure Cooper out and then he dies in his sleep (with the help of some eyedrops). Well Red tells our friend to call it off, and he refuses. So Red calls Rakitin first to threaten him, then to have the post office track him. That leads to Rakitin’s capture. And a much larger problem.  

Rakitin knows too much. Therefore Red needs to get to him out of the post office. To do so, he reaches out to an old expert in poisons to craft a weapon that Red tricks Park into delivering, a letter sealed in an envelope, which kills Rakitin. In the end, Rakitin is dead, Cooper is still coming after Red, Park essentially murders a man, and Red threatens our friend in the east with his full force of will. Because for Red, it’s all about the endgame and we are at the beginning of the end.

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Rakitin in Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

Favorite Scene pictures from #28 Rakitin

The Music for Rakitin

Only one track this week for The Blacklist. At the end of the episode when Ressler gets stood up at the park we hear “Ritual” by Other Lives.

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