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Sep 8, 2018

Case Profile for Cort Hessler

It's not every day you get to go to work and find out that you get to crash a car, or jump a building, or even just watch great actors perform but for Cort Hessler, that is every day for him. Cort is the Emmy winning Stunt Coordinator for The Blacklist and he took a few minutes from his busy schedule to give you all a peek into what goes on in this crazy but super safe world of explosions, crashes, and fight scenes we all enjoy as entertainment fans. Cort shares in the interview how we started out as a stunt performer for Disney and Universal theme parks before taking one of his first television jobs on Sea Quest DSV.

But being a stunt performer and stunt coordinator does come with some challenges. Cort shares one of his scariest moments working on The Blacklist as well as the travesty that the stunt category is completely absent from the Oscars. But winning an Emmy for The Blacklist beating out shows like Game of Thrones was a dream come true and a long way from jumping garbage cans and BMX bikes as a kid. He has some tough competition this year with both Game of Thrones and Westworld in the mix but win or lose Cort is just greatful to be nominated with his fellow performers and coordinators because in this business it is truly family. Safety is of the utmost concern in this profession, and when you are responsible for life or death, you get to know the people you are working with really well.

We hope you enjoy this behind the scene's look at some of the work on The Blacklist, a small tease of what's to come in Season Six, and to see just why Cort deserves the Emmy this year, take a look at some of the more memorable stunt scenes from season five of The Blacklist.